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Waiting for Neptune

This is not the greatest picture, because I took it against dark carpet, but you get the idea....

I decided to work the top block all the way along the top edge, which is just under 4 pages - the completed rectangle at the left hand side with no threads hanging out of the bottom is the whole of page 1. There was a fair bit of plain black in the last few blocks - easy in theory but played havoc with my eyes! The problem with this one is, as I've probably mentioned before, I can see it best with my short sighted naked eyes, ie. no glasses, no contact lenses. The trouble with that is I have to have it really close to my face, and its impossible to get a scroll bar frame that close to my face and sit comfortably, I'm either crouched over it, bending my back, or I've got it up on its side digging into my knees. There's no happy solution, I have to settle with not seeing it quite so well and wearing contact lenses. Ah well!

I've now finished my first round of one week to a project rotation! I might get bored with this routine and start switching more often, who knows, but its working for now. This week's project is Fantasy Triptych.



Moon Fairy Spirit

Here is the blue blob that is Moon Fairy Spirit. Not having worked on her for a while, I'd forgotten she was still just a little blue blob. Now she's a bit bigger. I've used kreinik thread for the first time. Two strands of blending filament on its own works quite well, much better than I'd expected, I haven't quite got the hang of blending it with DMC yet - need to practice that a bit.


As blogger won't let me put a picture of how MFS should end up in my sidebar - here is a pic of the finished article.

I wrote a few entries ago that I was going to work a 4 project rotation this year & abandon Waiting for Neptune until one of the others was finished. Well, I've changed my mind, I don't want UFOs, so until I've had another finish I'm going to rotate 5 projects - this week's one is, you guessed it, Waiting for Neptune!



Sleeping Beauty

As expected, we had a good deal of snow last week. My children's schools both closed which meant I couldn't go to work, which I was guiltily relieved about because I dread driving in snow. I did a little bit of work from home and in the half hour I was on the computer these 2 fantastic snow people appeared in the garden.

I've got quite a lot of work done on Sleeping Beauty's robe this week. Its an enjoyable stitch - there are no beads in this part of the design so I'm not having to leave gaps - makes it much easier!

Christine asked about Waiting for Neptune. Here is a photo as it is today - I haven't stitched on this for many months but will be picking it up again next week. Its a long term project - it will be on the go for years to come!

This week's project is Passione Ricamo's Moon Fairy Spirit. I probably won't have as much stitching time this week as I did last but today is my birthday so I can do what I like!



Rose Fairy & Sleeping Beauty

Thankyou Carol & Lana for your comments on my last entry. I really do intend being back to stay this time. I missed the stitching community while I wasn't writing, from now on I promise that barring holidays and disasters, I will write no less than once a week, even if there's not much stitching going on!

I added most of a leaf to Rose Fairy over the weekend. I'm not happy with the quality of some of my stitches, they're loose and baggy. Its because the fabric isn't taut due to lack of frame so I bit the bullet and ordered a smaller set of Q snaps from the US. I can't find anywhere that sells them in the UK, and the high postage is a bit of a put off, but it is done now! Next time I'm on Rose Fairy the frame should have arrived and I will pull out the stitches I'm not happy with and re-do.

Since Monday I have been working on Sleeping Beauty and have stitched the lower sleeve and part of the arm. When I chose SB as my first Mirabilia I think I picked the biggest one of the lot. Its huge! I've done loads but am still only about half way through. I do love stitching it though, it is really beautiful even if I say so myself!
Heavy snow is predicted for tomorrow. Snow is beautiful, I would love it if only I have to drive in it. I hate driving in it! My car is covered with a sheet all prepared. Tomorrow I only have to work a half day but if I'm driving, its not fun. And the schools sometimes close if there's snow. My children are at 2 different schools now, going on past experience my daughter's will probably be the last school still open in the county, but my son's closes at the drop of a hat. *Sigh* I hope it doesn't snow!

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Rose Fairy

Another bad scan - still can't find the camera! Not that this one would look much better I don't think, the fabric is terribly crumpled because I'm working it "in hand". The piece of fabric isn't all that big for the design so there's not much overhang, which means I can't put it in a hoop without squashing the already stitched areas, my q-snaps are too big, I'm thinking about getting a smaller set.

The area I went a bit wrong on is the unfinished one in the left hand corner. The branch and yellow-pinky looking blob on the right hand side (the legs) are what I've stitched this week. This kit includes rayon thread for some of the areas, I've never used it before and have to say, its a challenge! Its beautiful but very slippy and difficult to get neat, I am struggling, but I know what I need to do is stitch without glasses or contact lenses, I'm short sighted so can see close up work better without them. Problem is I can't see anything else!