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Lavender Fairy

When I was hunting for a piece of fabric for Lavender Fairy, I came across this small piece of hand dyed fabric. Its a silkweaver solo. I then remembered I bought a number of these, and these little flower fairies are the only suitable patterns I have to use them for. I did give this one a little bit of thought before deciding if it was suitable, rather than my usual course of just launching into it and worrying about it later. I think it works, although. I know hand dyed fabrics are much revered in the cross stitching world, and they are lovely, but with my lack of creativity I'm probably better off using plain fabric for the most part, after all, its the design that's important. This fabric is more blotchy than most of the pieces I have, and I think I've got away with it for this one, but if I go for hand dyed fabrics in the future I'm more likely to chose subtly blotchy ones, a bit like the fabric I'm using for Moon Fairy Spirit.

My current project is Snowdrop Fairy which is almost finished but has taken me over a week, I should hopefully get it finished later today and it is the last of my little flower fairies for now.



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