Cross Stitch Ramblings


Moon Fairy Spirit

I was determined not to let my 2 week stitching slump turn into a several months long slump like I had last year so, shortly after I posted my last entry, I started stitching again.

Everything seemed to be conspiring against me. First, I couldn't find the pattern for Sleeping Beauty. I turned to Moon Fairy Spirit. I stitched a large amount of the lilac colour then found it was supposed to have kreinik thread blended with it, so had to frog it all out. Then, I couldn't find the beads. Still haven't found them, I bought some more. Last weekend, I thought I'd stitch a bit while my daughter had a ski lesson. I took out the fabric, scissors, thread, even the beads. Forgot the pattern of course.

Ah well! Here is my progress ..... haven't touched her for about a week now. I think I need to stitch something a little easier so, now I have found the pattern for Sleeping Beauty, I will switch back to that.