Cross Stitch Ramblings


I am back!

I am stitching again. Woohoo!

At one point I thought I'd even forgotten the password for this blog. It seems I haven't.

My stitching has been very erratic for the past year or so. Not sure how much of what I've done since I last wrote, next to nothing on most of my WIPs. At one point I even let my daughter have my stash of thread and declared that I hate cross stitching. How dare I!

Then I changed my mind and claimed my thread stash back - not sure how messed up it is, not sure I want to know just yet. But what there is is safely back in my stash cupboard.

A week or so ago I picked up 'Rhinestone' by Maria van Scharrenburg, a Lanarte kit. I had started this a while back, it is my most recent start. I've stitched quite a lot of it, seems I'm back into the swing of it again, for now anyway, and I'm getting to the point where I remember which colours the symbols correspond to.

I'm not committing myself as to when I'll re-commence stitching on anything else, will see how it goes.

But to reinforce the fact I'm back in stitching mode, I bought some more stash, as if I really need any more! Hobby Craft had some of the specialist materials packs for L&L designs in the sale and I couldn't resist. I did pick them up, and put them back, then decided if I didn't buy them and went back a week later to find they were gone I'd be bitterly disappointed. So this barely stitching woman spent £40 on specialist material packs for Celtic Summer and Celtic Spring. On arriving home I found I already have Celtic Spring fully kitted, so it was pretty stupid of me to buy that one. I wonder if Hobbycraft will take it back? I could have a go at selling it on ebay, failing that split it up and mingle it in with the rest of the huge bags of thread and beads. It was the cheaper of the 2 packs as doesn't have any of those mega expensive needlepaints threads in it. That doesn't justify me wasting £10 on it but there you go.

Back to 'Rhinestone'. I don't have a picture just at the moment. As I've been right off this writing on the internet lark, I have forgotten how to connect the camera to the computer. Husband knows how to do it, I promise there will be photographic evidence of my return to the stitching world this side of Christmas!