Cross Stitch Ramblings


Celtic Winter update

I managed to get all the metallic in the left border done, and two and a bit more letters at the top. Its strange 168 isn't used in the letters, the colours would blend better if it was rather than that sharp jump from almost white to quite dark grey. Hopefully it will look better once the beads are on. I had been having a terrible time with the metallic thread keep on fraying, but have finally discovered there's a right way up to use it. If I thread the end that I've just cut from the reel rather than the free end it doesn't fray at all. I wish I'd discovered this sooner, would have saved so much heartache! The metallic is coming along a lot quicker now. I do still have quite a long way to go on CW but would really like to have her finished by the end of April.

Next stitch: HAED's Waiting for Neptune.


Sleeping Beauty

A bit more progress on Sleeping Beauty - I really enjoy stitching this.

I bought some silkweaver hand dyed fabrics off ebay the other day. Not that I need any fabric but I've never had any hand dyed so I want to see what they're like. My intention is to use it for Passione Ricamo if nothing else. Despite this I'm really trying to curb my spending on stitching stash - running out of places to keep it all and may never get around to stitching some of it. I might not be succesful at restraining myself!

Donna asked about my diet - I'm doing Weightwatchers online. It suits me because its flexible and fits in with my food faddiness, I'm very picky!

To stitch today - L&L's Celtic Winter.


Fantasy Triptych, Taj Mahal, Primrose Fairy

When I wrote my last entry I couldn't get blogger photos to work, so I went onto Imageshack and found its got all new and improved since last I used it - I could post my entire blog entry there. But there's something weird about it, the text keeps disappearing, I've no idea why! Thankfully blogger photos seems to be working again now.

I made some progess on TW's Fantasy Triptych at the beginning of the week. Those turrets are breeding!

I did 3 evenings work on Taj Mahal but it doesn't look like it - all I got done was the boat. I messed up a bit and had to do some frogging. I'm determined to get this finished by the end of April so will need to pick up speed on it a bit.

I've devoted a lot of time yesterday and today on Primrose fairy and so believe there is a resemblance of a fairy now, rather than a blob of yellow stiches. She does look a bit like an auton though with her featureless face. She'll look much better once the backstitch is on.

Project for tomorrow .. Mirabilia's Sleeping Beauty

In other news ......

I've managed to lose 24 pounds on my diet. I am a serial dieter, but have not lost more than 10 pounds before blowing it and regaining it all for the past 9 years so this is progess.

My son, who is due to move onto secondary school in September, did not get into the school of our first choice. He initially didn't get offered our 2nd choice either, which at the time caused a lot of heartache. The 3rd choice school was good enough but he would have been the only one there from his primary school which is hard enough for any child but especially a problem for a boy with Asperger syndrome. He has since been offered a waiting list place at our 2nd choice school which was a huge relief.

My husband, unemployed for 3 months, has been back in work since late February. It is contract work so has no certainty, as a result of which I am still working full time, which I hate! My own future employment is looking increasingly uncertain due to an assortment of very boring reasons. Due to no fault of my own I will shortly be forced to take what is effectively a pay cut which is very aggravating. Company's attitude is par to 'be grateful you still have a job'. Bah humbug!

I have not played my piano for over a week, nor ridden my bike for a month. Shame on me!


Waiting for Neptune .... mini HD!

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I worked on Waiting for Neptune most of Friday evening and nearly all day yesterday and managed to achieve my March goal - I finished the first page of Waiting for Neptune (1 down .... about 23 to go!). I'm working faster on it now I've got into a system. Hopefully page 2 won't take 7 months like page 1 did. Page 2 will be like starting a new project, although it must be said it will be strikingly similar to page 1!


Celtic Winter

I'm still doing my two day stints on each project. Weds & Thurs this week were for Celtic Winter. I had to take the day off work yesterday as both children were unwell. They don't need all that much supervision so I had time to get quite a bit of stitching done. I'm pleased to have work my way down to the bottom of the left border, and it met up in the right place with the dress! I still have the metallic and beads to do.


Pictures, and a finish!

I've been slacking again on the blogging front, but I have at least been stitching!

Fantasy Triptych - loving it - can't wait to get onto the backstitch.

Taj Mahal. I like the image but is not a fun stitch. If ever I say I'm going to do another one of these John Clayton kits remind me how much I moaned about this one. Should be my next finish - hopefully before the end of April.

Primrose Fairy - my new start a few days ago. Hope to get it finished within 3 months then I can get started on Rose Fairy which is my favouritest flower fairy of all!

Sleeping Beauty. Slowly she progresses. One day, she will get a face.

Celtic Winter. Plodding on. Should be my next but one finish. Hopefully before the end of May.

Waiting for Neptune. I am really loving stitching this now I've got into it. My goal for March is to get the first page of this pattern finished.

And here she is, my happy dance! I finally finished Lily of the Valley Fairy late February, my first finish of 2006!