Cross Stitch Ramblings


Rose Fairy

There's not been much stitching going on around here - I've not lifted a needle in nearly 2 weeks. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon.

The last pic I published was of Fantasy Triptych - hardgoing as ever but worth it! I will be glad when I've finished the land of green and brown. I had to do a major bit of frogging on this session so there's not as much progress on it as there should be.

Next it was the turn of Rose Fairy. I didn't get a whole lot done on this either! I'm stuggling to work neatly with the rayon thread. I have now got a smaller set of q snaps which do help a lot but the real problem here is the piece of fabric is just too small. I really do need to be less trusting with kits and check the fabric before I launch off. You learn!
When I eventually do start stitching again my next project is to be Sleeping Beauty. Hopefully not before too long.




2 weeks since an entry - oh dear! Here's a quick update of FT. Will write properly soon.



Good News!

I mentioned last year when I was in the midst of my mega stitching slump that part of the reason for my lack of stitching was I was trying to help my daughter prepare for a selective exam for entrance into secondary school. Today is 'national results day' and I am delighted to say that she passed the exam and has gained a place at the school we really wanted. We're over the moon. When I got the email I ran down the stairs so excitedly to tell my daughter. She is one happy, happy little girl.

On a less positive note my aunt is very ill with stomach cancer, I'm very worried about her.

Not much stitching has taken place this week - I can't quite get myself in the mood plus Fantasy Triptych is sooooooo very hard. It will not defeat me, I will get there!