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Waiting for Neptune

This is not the greatest picture, because I took it against dark carpet, but you get the idea....

I decided to work the top block all the way along the top edge, which is just under 4 pages - the completed rectangle at the left hand side with no threads hanging out of the bottom is the whole of page 1. There was a fair bit of plain black in the last few blocks - easy in theory but played havoc with my eyes! The problem with this one is, as I've probably mentioned before, I can see it best with my short sighted naked eyes, ie. no glasses, no contact lenses. The trouble with that is I have to have it really close to my face, and its impossible to get a scroll bar frame that close to my face and sit comfortably, I'm either crouched over it, bending my back, or I've got it up on its side digging into my knees. There's no happy solution, I have to settle with not seeing it quite so well and wearing contact lenses. Ah well!

I've now finished my first round of one week to a project rotation! I might get bored with this routine and start switching more often, who knows, but its working for now. This week's project is Fantasy Triptych.



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