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How has your stitching evolved since you first started stitching?

I don't often answer the questions - but I only have useless answers for them! But for what its worth ....

I can't really say it has evolved, not really. I kind of jumped in at the deep end when I first started cross stitch. My first 3 projects were a trilogy of cottages. I can't remember what order I stitched them in! Ok they're not the most impressive of finished works, but they were fiddly, with lots of fractionals and frequent colour changes and backstitch, and they are on evenweave. I didn't know what aida was at the time. I just bought the kits and followed the intructions. No doubt the backs look terrible, and one of them has all the stitches done the other way round, just because I fancied a change!

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What I'm stitching nowadays, about 14ish years later, isn't really any further down the evolutionary scale than these were. I am a lot more aware of what is around in the stitching world than I was back then, the internet has to be credited for that one!

What I have learned, is how to do french knots, although I have yet to do any other types of speciality stitches in my work (coming soon .... the Castle Sampler uses diamond eyelets and one-over-one), or beading (the whole reason for starting on Celtic Christmas). I have used metallic threads on a few projects but not to the extent some of the L&L's and Mirabilias and TW's in my stash do so that is another area largely unexplored.

There you go .... as promised .... useless answer!


  • At 2/4/05 12:19 am, Blogger Carol said…

    I am totally impressed with your trio of initial accomplishments! Those are amazing!!!

  • At 2/4/05 10:10 pm, Blogger lissylaine said…

    You did them all, cool!!! I've only done the first one, with "intentions" of doing all three - they look fabulous!


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