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Back from Lanzarote

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I'm back from my holiday. I got very little stitching done while I was away because Lady with Lilac Flower was proving so difficult! I stitched a bit but found I was going wrong. The chart is difficult to follow 1, because its not marked out in a grid like most charts are, and 2, the design is just one whole mass of stitches, not clearly defined separate sections like some designs are. I had taken one of the flower fairy kits with me as a spare but had forgotten to swap the aida in it for another fabric so kinda gave up. Towards the end of the holiday I decided to draw a grid on the chart myself and stitch in square blocks of 100, which is proving much easier, although it does mean more starts and finishes, I don't keep losing my place and since the bit I'm on at the moment is almost-white thread on almost-white fabric which is so hard to see, I don't think I could have cracked it otherwise. I did about 400 stitches on it in the end.

Since I've been back I've been avidly stitching on CS again. Much more fun! I've almost finished the next minstrel, the flute player. Hopefully I'll get the backstitch done on her tomorrow.

While I was away I had the Mirabilia chart Fairy Flora arrive, an ebay bargain, and the next monthly batch of fabric from Tandem Cottage. I got a fairly big piece of lavender minster linen, not sure what I'm going to use that for, maybe a flower fairy; a big piece of pink 'countrystyle jobelan' which they describe as light apricot, but to me its pale pink, no idea what I'm going to use this for, I may try & sell it, I'm not so keen on pastels; lastly a small piece of oatmeal coloured brittney which they say is lemon, but certainly isn't to my eyes! This one is the best colour piece in the pack, its a pity its a small piece. Its a silly thing, but I feel a bit insulted by the accompanying letter in every pack which tells me what the equivalent aida count is to the fabric they send me. I mean, if I'm buying evenweave fabric every month surely I'm a reasonably experienced stitcher who knows such things???? I'm a tad over sensitive, I know......

Missions for the rest of April.....

1. Finish the flute player on CS.
2. Finish the Michael Powell mini cottages.
3. Do at least 5 more blocks on LWLF.

Celtic Christmas is on hold until May.


  • At 23/4/05 6:52 am, Blogger Carol said…

    Oh my! It must be brutal to stitch without a grid - thanks for the warning on that one (as I do love that design too!) - I hear you about the FOTM. I received two that I do not care at all for from a new club I just joined... now to decide whether to drop out or to see what happens next month? It is Dyeing4U. I got two pastels - like you, I think they are yucky. Honestly, I can use the pale blue... but what to do with the "cameo peach"??? It is a fat quarter.... what would one ever stitch on peach?? Hmmm.... looks like it is ebay bound too :-)

    Can't wait to see more CS progress pics - and that flute player too! That chart is climbing closer to the top of my list!

    Glad you had a nice holiday - despite lack of stitching :-)

  • At 23/4/05 5:27 pm, Blogger Little Grey Cat said…

    Lady with Lilac Flowers looks like a hard stitch. Very details but very nice.


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