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Colour Concern

A little way into the Apple Blossom Fairies I felt alarmed.

The colours on the chart pack are pastel, almost wishy washy. The colours I was stitching were much brighter, almost brassy. I checked the original CMB painting the chart was taken from and the colours are much closer to the ones I am using, which is a big relief! I wonder why it looks so different on the chart though? It is a possibility it was old stock and had faded on the packaging, or maybe it was a bad print run, who knows? I believe DMC have since discontinued this chart since I don't seem to be able to find it on the internet any more, and Sewandso were selling them off at 75% off so I can't compare it.

Anyhows, I feel more relaxed about it now.

Whenever I have done fractionals in the past I have just done the quarter stitches in either corners. The charts for the dragon & castle, & Father Christmas, never said anything about 3 quarter stitches, and the other half of the cross was usually filled in by a back stitch anyway. But this one says to do 3 quarter stitches and they're bothering me a bit. I'd rather all the top stitches were lying the same way but thats just not possible. Still, I guess it will all get obscured by backstitch in the end.

I don't intend to rush this project like the last two I did. With both the butterfly fairy and ballerina I felt compelled to finish them asap and was not really enjoying doing the stitching. This one will take a while but thats ok. I might intersperse it a bit with some of the mini kits I have in my 'to do' pile. I hate having so many projects waiting to be done!


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