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Ballerina skirt nearly finished

Nothing of note to say really. the ballerina skirt is nearly finished, but not finished yet. I showed it to my husband earlier and he said it just looks like a mess of pink stitches, which is encouraging (not). I feel as if I've been working on it all day today, and I probably have spent several hours on it. I even fell asleep on the settee with it in my hand at one point, when I woke up I promptly started stitching again. My husband laughed. I'm not totally happy with the quality of my stitching, but I wonder if as with all my projects I'm being too much of a perfectionist. Stitching in pale pink on black fabric does make the sloppy stitches show up more. Perhaps I'm being paranoid. One of the symbols is one strand each of two different shades of pink, its the patches which are done in this colour that look the worst. I expect it will look ok when its done.


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