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Ballerina Skirt Finished!

I finally finished the skirt yesterday and am well into the bodice. The skirt comprises well over half the design so it shouldn't be too long before its completed. This is what I'd call a medium sized project. It cost me about £20 for the kit which I think is quite expensive compared to some other kits but it was the only 'proper' ballerina I've seen in cross stitch and it 'drew' me! There are a lot of kits around of children ballerinas and mice dressed up in tutus etc. I quite like the anchor children designs, including the ones that look like pencil drawings but no-one else in my family seems to like them, and I don't think I'd feel motivated to stitch anything that only I like so it looks like I'm only going to be doing one ballerina which is a shame because it would be nice to have a pair of them!
I have a tendency to have several projects on the go at once - having read some other journals I think this is common stitching practice! Although there does tend to be one main project that I concentrate on - the ballerina at the moment. I don't flit around from one to another.
The other works in progress currently outstanding are:
Companions - the Father Christmas and the horse I started years ago. I do have a stab at this one every now and then but it always gets discarded in favour of something easier. Its nearly finished, I'm on to the back stitch but the problem is the lines on the actual grid are quite bold and its really difficult to see the back stitch lines against them. The actual work itself is quite complicated as well and difficult to see where the backstitch lines have to go. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I like to do things exactly as they're supposed to be done, not so good at improvising, which is probably why I'm finding this one so difficult. I can safely say its the hardest project I've ever tackled! I will finish it one day!
A miniature sunset kit by Permin. Measures about an inch square and is on 22 count aida with a single strand. Its a horse in shadow with orange background. I had 4 of these permin mini kits - the idea is to put them in daughter's dolls house - which is going to be chocablock with mini cross stitch kits by the time I've finished all the ones I've got! I've already finished 2 of the kits - they take a lot of work considering how tiny they are. The current one is my least favourite, it lacks something somehow, but I will finish it nevertheless. Its my travelling kit, I do it in Waitrose cafe while my son is doing cooking lessons. I only started it last Monday. It may well take several months!
Piglet - this is a cover kit from a cross stitch magazine a couple of months ago. Another one destined for the dolls house! This kit involves blended stitches of the type where you do the bottom stitch in one colour and the top stitch in another. For me, it is unneccesarily complicated. Don't get me wrong, I love complicated designs, but I honestly think its wasted on Piglet. Winnie-the-Pooh characters look effective enough done simply. Still, I will finish it eventually.
Besides these four I have another 17 projects in waiting. These are either kits or charts for which I've bought all the materials. I have assorted other charts for which I haven't got the materials yet, can't justify buying any more while there are so many projects in waiting.


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