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Back from the framer!

Companions, Passion of Dance, and Pooh Sticks are still with the framer but these ones are back:

Pansy Fairy

Tulip Fairy

African Dawn

The Snowman

The Iris Fairy

The Narcissus Fairy

Winnie The Pooh & friends at the Station

The last one was a repair job as the glass had been smashed.

What do I think??? Hmmmm....

At first when I saw the flower fairies in those honey coloured frames I was shocked - I had expected them to be in a lighter wood. But I've got used to them now. The colour goes especially well with the Iris Fairy. The only one I'm not totally happy with is the Snowman, that definitely would have looked better in a lighter frame. But I let the framer use his discretion so its my fault really. Besides, I am so fortunate to have this man doing my framing I should count my lucky stars. He charged just £8 for each of these.

The best ones are African Dawn and the Iris Fairy. These because they go well with the frames and because in the case of African Dawn, the design completely covers the fabric, and with Iris Fairy it covers most of it. With some of the others there are big blocks of Aida on show. All of the above are on Aida, and the more I stitch, the less I like it. They would have looked so much better on evenweave. From now on I am going to avoid using Aida except in special cases, eg. the design covers the whole of the fabric, or it matches something I've already done (I have another Snowman in my stash to do). I will even swap it out when its provided in kits. You can always sell bits of Aida on ebay!!


  • At 14/11/04 4:26 am, Blogger Butterfly Amy said…

    Juliana, They are all so beautiful! What wonderful work you do :)
    How long did it take you to stitch all those? I'm such a slow stitcher it would of taken me years to complete all those!


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